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The history of guild and guild house

The tailors‘ guild: „Zunft zur Schneidern“

After the council of Zurich was swept away by an uprising in the spring of 1336, the knight Rudolf Brun took over control as the first mayor. By releasing the so-called “first sworn letter” he created a new constitution which was accepted by the citizens. Craftsmen and traders now gained twelve representatives in the Grand Council, thus having access to a political say though they were still in the minority.

The tailors’ guild “Zunft zur Schneidern” was founded in the same year, uniting the professions of cloth shearers, furriers, and tailors under a common banner. Still today this consists of the three insignia for the individual crafts: cloth scissors, fur strips and scissors. The guild members initially held their meetings in drinking taverns. In the history of the guild they held their gatherings in a number of different guild houses. Then, in 1938, the guild acquired the “Zum Königstuhl” house. You can find out more about the history of the guild on the Zunft zur Schneidern website (German only).

The guild house „Zum Königstuhl“

The guild house dates back to the year 1613, though there is a much longer prehistory. In the medieval predecessor building, the most famous resident was the mayor Rudolf Stüssi. He died 1443 in the battle of St. Jakob upon Sihl.

The house located at the Stüssihofstatt 3 was later called "White Wind" before it was renamed in 1637. Due to a number of visits by kings and emperors it received the vernacular name „Zum Königstuhl“ which can be translated to “The King’s Seat”. In common parlance this designation survived until now. From the historic substance of the building, the oriel is still preserved as well as a wall painting which is exhibited in the State Museum. In 1938, the tailors' guild bought the property and re-inaugurated the "Königstuhl" in 1939. Following this, various restaurateurs contributed to shaping the character of the house, most recently a Thai restaurant called “Blue Monkey”.

2024: The return of the „Königstuhl“

The Stüssihofstatt in Niederdörfli, where life in the old town of Zurich is pulsating, is a place that breathes history. Tradition and modernity meet here. We took this as an opportunity to revive the old name of the restaurant “Zum Königstuhl”. We serve our guests traditional dishes and home-style cuisine from the Alpine region, whereby modern culinary art is not neglected. You can hold parties and celebrations in a historical atmosphere: in the large guild hall or in the “Carolistube”, which is named after Charlemagne, the guild's namesake.



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